7 months.

That’s how it’s been since Harley Davidson launched its own television channel online.

And if you blinked, were as busy as everyone else following a newly developing pandemic, or raging over the pending election cycle, you probably missed it entirely.

But don’t fret, you’re in good company.


In 2017, as part of their #forceofnature campaign, the folks at REI set out on a massive undertaking to explore and better understand the impact that the outdoors has on the lives of women, and how women felt as a part of the greater outdoors community.

They wanted to learn…

By: Kurt Spurlock

Ahh yes… tire beads.​ Those little lips that sit inside your rim and (hopefully) create an airtight seal when inflated.

H​istorically, this feat was accomplished by running a steel wire along the inside of the tire casing, creating a semi-rigid seal similar to what you see on…

Kurt Spurlock

Looking for the deep kick.

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